Dr.FIT Romania - the Application for Dr.FIT Members in Brașov

Dr.FIT Romania app, a free, complimentary fitness management tool for all Dr.FIT Brașov members.

This app is your one-stop solution for all your fitness needs at Dr.FIT Brașov. Access and manage your membership details anytime, and renew with ease.

Why Download the Dr.FIT Romania App?

The Dr.FIT Romania application has numerous useful functionalities.

  • Effortlessly purchase or renew your membership using secure bank card transactions
  • Stay informed with comprehensive details about your activities at Dr.FIT Brasov Dr.FIT Brașov
  • Explore in-depth information about a range of additional services
  • Your membership card goes digital - convenient and eco-friendly in the form of an in-app QR code
  • Keep tabs on your Dr.FIT Brasov subscription details, including expiry dates and included benefits
  • Quick and easy class reservations at your fingertips
  • Receive timely notifications and updates on Dr.FIT Brasov’s activities and offerings

Getting Started with the Dr.FIT Romania App

To activate the app, simply log in with your email and the pin code you received upon your first subscription purchase.

And just like that, you're ready to utilize the full spectrum of features offered by Dr.FIT Romania.

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