Frequently Asked Questions
  • To join Dr. FIT, select your preferred club and the membership type that best meets your needs through our website. Please note that access to our gym is exclusively for club members, ensuring a high-quality and exclusive fitness experience.

Subscriptions are exclusively available online, as the Dr.FIT Fitness Clubs do not have a reception area.

The online process is quick and easy. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to request assistance from the club manager, available on-site. 

Access to Dr.FIT clubs is facilitated by a modern and efficient system that eliminates the need for traditional reception. Once you purchase your membership online, you can generate a unique QR code for each entry using the Dr.FIT app. Simply scan the QR code to open the revolving door. This system not only streamlines the access process but also enhances safety and efficiency, ensuring that you can begin your workout immediately without any delays.

Signing up for our group classes is easy and fast through the app. Select the desired class in the app and confirm your registration to enjoy energetic and motivating sessions. All group workouts are free, included in the subscription price.

Dr.FIT distinguishes itself as a SMART club by incorporating advanced technology across all aspects. First, club access is facilitated through our app, allowing members to enter by scanning a unique QR code, thus obviating the need for traditional reception. The Dr.FIT app, available for all club members, provides numerous advantages, including the possibility to track and register for classes, monitor workout progress, and oversee subscription details. Moreover, each piece of equipment comes with an individual QR code; scanning these codes gives members instant access to video tutorials that guide them in the correct and efficient use of the equipment. This integrated approach, combining accessibility, information, and technology, turns Dr.FIT into a true smart fitness experience​.

Each piece of equipment in our clubs comes with a unique QR code. By scanning this code with your phone, you'll access a brief video tutorial that instructs you on the correct and safe use of the equipment. Besides video tutorials, our instructors are always available to provide advice and guidance, ensuring the equipment is used efficiently and safely.

The well-being and safety of our members are our top priorities. Dr.FIT clubs boast an advanced air purification system and specially designed flooring to enhance workout safety. Moreover, our Brașov club features a recovery center, offering additional care and support to our members.

Individuals must be at least 16 years old to become members of our club. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all youths passionate about fitness and health.

You can easily cancel your subscription via the Dr.FIT website. Simply select your club, and you'll find the option to cancel within your member account. This process is straightforward and fast, offering the flexibility you require.

If you're experiencing difficulties logging into the Dr.FIT app, here are some steps you can follow to resolve the issue:

  1. Check If You Have Downloaded the Correct App: Make sure you have downloaded the specific app for your club. For club members in Brașov, the app is called "Dr.FIT Romania," and for members in Sfântu Gheorghe, the app is named "Dr.FIT."


  1. Use the Link from Our Page: To avoid confusion, visit the "Application" page on our website, select your club, and use the download link available there. This will ensure you have downloaded the correct version of the app.


  1. Enter Your Account Details: After installing the appropriate app, use the details you provided when creating your Dr.FIT member account to log in.


If you still encounter problems after these steps or have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

At Dr.FIT, the security and comfort of our members are our top priorities. To ensure the safety of personal belongings in the changing rooms, we encourage each member to bring their own padlock. This policy helps us maintain a high standard of security and offers each member peace of mind, knowing their belongings are safe during their workout at our club.

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