Why a joining fee?

Dr.Fit does not believe in tying members into longer term contracts as other gyms do.
We believe you should have the choice/freedom to come and go as you please.
However, the setting up of memberships, the process of taking and managing monthly recurring payments, banking fees, administering data protection protocols, running the Dr Fit App and general member database administration does not come for free.
The one-off Dr.Fit Joining Fee covers all of these costs for the entirety of you membership (however long you stay) and enables us to keep the monthly membership fee as low as possible.
Effectively meaning the member gets access to a High Value facility at a Low Monthly Cost.
Other Gyms hide these costs in the monthly fees and legally bind you to specified contract lengths to cover the costs. Often, charging more than they require. This method may also result in legal debt collection processes being filed against you should you wish to finish the contract early.
Dr.Fit believes in user flexibility and maintaining great relationships with our customers.
We prefer to be open and transparent.
Our goal is provide you with the very best fitness clubs, for the very best prices

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