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About us

At Dr Fit we believe low pricing, premium facilities and membership flexibility are the recipe for success in the fitness industry.

We have launched Dr Fit to fill a gap in the market for affordable gyms with memberships starting from 99ron per month and no hidden costs.
Members are not tied into any prohibitive 12 month contracts or expected to pay for months in advance in order to get access to our facilities.
As we charge a fraction of what most traditional gyms do, we aim to create an affordable path to high-class fitness for everyone in Romania, creating a healthier community.

Fitness should be viewed as a human right, not a luxury.

Dr Fit facilities are considered a “Health Club” not a “Gym”

Our facilities are extremely female friendly and not compatible for hard-core body building.
There is a vast assortment of free classes included in the price of our membership for people of all abilities to take part in.

We encourage and support new exercisers as we know how important physical activity is for everyone regardless of their current levels.

Dr Fit contains all the newest equipment which enables you to part-take in all the latest fitness trends which are taking Europe by storm.

We try to make exercise enjoyable and not the arduous task many people currently view it as.

Look after your body, it’s the only place you have to live!

We hope you enjoy our concept and look forward to welcoming you soon!

The Dr. Fit Team

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